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Height: 5'8"
Weight:  127 lbs

Hair:  Reddish Brown

Eyes: Blue

Lori_Spano__0273_Hi Res.jpg

Terminal (short)

The Divine Instrument (short)

The Carpool Ring (short)

The Perceptive (short)

A Whole New Life (short)

Color Blind(feature)                       Tapestry (feature)

Scars of a Predator (feature)

The Divorce (short)
Everything You Need (short)
Eden's Cellar (short)

Desperation  (short)

Soap Life (Docu-film)

Lead (Nina)

Lead (Susan)

Lead (Carol)

Supporting (Woman)

Lead (Madison)

Supporting (Jennifer Chapman)  Supporting (Ruth)

Supporting (Cheating Wife)  

Lead (Catherine)
Supporting (Michelle)
Lead (Eden)

Lead (Jennifer) 

Soap Fan

Moomjy Productions

Mont Claire University Thesis

New York University Thesis

Joe DiCanio Productions

Uptown Artists Production

Aigne Film Group                           

Rambling Lobster Productions

LASI Faire Productions

NYU Sound Stage
New York Film Academy 

New York University

New York Film Academy



40 or Something

The Creators (pilot)

Scriptless:  The Series
Mysteries at the Museum
Monsters Inside Me


Recurring (Laura)

Co-Star (Katherine Killmore)

Recurring (Lydia)
Principle (Carman Snedeker)
Principle (Doctor)

Adam Murphy Productions

Annika Moller Productions

Travel Channel
Animal Planet

Murdered By The Mob 

Night Owls


New York Mob Show

BooFest 2018

Supporting (Antoinette)
Lead (Ellen)


Revel Casino Atlantic City

Garnier Hair Color & Night Cream


Stand In for Kate Walsh

Hinei Ma Tov Films


Modeling - Runway

Ola Style, Theatrical Shows by Natasha Bereznaya, Hillary Flowers Designs, Fantasia Veneziana, Le Yordan

Training & Workshops

MN Studios

ARG Studios

Upright Citizens Brigade

Voice Over / Acting Coach

Alexander Technique

Private Acting Coach

TV Auditions with Ted Sluberski

One on One NYC (member)

Stella Adler Studio of Acting
Stella Adler Studio of Acting

HB Studios
The Bob McAndrews Studio

Acting for Soaps
Bill Hopkins Master Class

New York Acting School for Film

Acting 101 / 102
Voice Instruction

Van Hansis

Anthony Robert Grasso

James III

Jane Dashow

Karen Braga

Clyde Baldo

Ted Sluberski

Various Casting Directors

Jon Korkes / Josh Rowe
Bill Hopkins

Karen Ludwig
Bob McAndrews

Bob Lambert

Bill Hopkins

Mark Stolzenburg

Pete Jensen
Jacky Toner

Advanced TV Bootcamp

On Camera Audition

UCB Improv Training


Acting Technique

Private Study

On Camera Audition

Multi Week On-Camera

Scene Study / Technique
TV & Film

Acting of Camera
Scene Study / Technique

Soap Acting Technique

TV & Film


Acting Technique
Singing Instruction

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